Residential Painting Kelowna

Residential Painting Kelowna

5 Questions To Ask About Residential Painting In Kelowna

Those who take the time to read on and learn more about the most important questions that need to be asked about residential painting in Kelowna are able to avoid a great deal of frustration. They are also able to save a sizable amount of money over the course of the process.

By asking the right questions of any residential painting company in Kelowna, we are able to place the power back into our own hands. Let’s take a closer look at the questions that must be asked of a residential painting provider from Kelowna, so that we can separate the best from the rest.

1) Can We See Proof of Insurance?

All sorts of problems and issues can crop up during a painting project and some of these issues are completely unforeseen. Comprehensive business liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are both must haves for any reputable company that we are considering. There is no reason to ever consider the assistance of a company that does not have both insurance plans already in place.

2) Has The Crew Received The Necessary Background Checks?

There will always be a sense of nervousness when we allow a crew of workers into our homes. After all, our homes are our sanctuaries and the last thing that anyone wants to do is compromise their level of personal safety. That’s why we need to ask the right questions early on. Have the workers received the necessary background checks and are these background checks fully up to date?

3) What Materials Are Going To Be Used?

The quality of the materials that the painting company uses will have a dramatic effect on the durability of the project. The cheaper the materials, the worse off we will be. We need to be hiring a residential painting contractor that knows how to use the proper materials that will lead to a longer lasting final product. Don’t make the mistake of being a cheapskate when it comes to the materials used.

4) How Much Personal Involvement Is Going To Be Had?

The lead contractor on these types of projects does not always have a strong level of personal involvement when it comes to the project itself. That’s because they will typically have a team of subcontractors that are focused on handling the project on their behalf. Many of the best residential painting providers in the area work as a team, as opposed to the old days when we hired one person that carried out the entire task.

5) What Type of Training Do Employees Receive?

Once we’ve found everything we need to know about the contractors who are going to be working on our project, it is time to learn more about the training tactics that are used. Does the company take the proper steps to train their employees and keep them up to date? Are they given the tools that they need to reduce mistakes? These are the questions that we need to receive cogent answers to before we make any sort of final decision.


Residential Painting Kelowna
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